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Travel Insurance

Your trip is a significant investment which is why




There are 2 different types of travel insurance available for purchase: pre-departure protection and post-departure protection. Pre-departure protection protects you in the event your trip is cancelled prior to departure and typically includes Cancel For Any Reason Insurance. Post-departure protection protects you after you have departed for vacation and typically covers medical issues, lost baggage, delayed trips etc. Where available, pre-departure protection will automatically be added to your trip.


If you choose to decline travel protection, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your vacation. By declining to purchase travel insurance, you fully understand that You Be Everywhere Travel Agency is not liable or responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation or interruption, emergency medical and/or transportation, pandemics, loss of baggage and personal effects, flight and travel accidents, major events, and/ or rental car physical damage.


Travel Insurance is NON-REFUNDABLE!!


It is up to YOU to choose the policy that best suits your needs. Travel insurance claims will be filed directly with the insurance company you chose, NOT You Be Everywhere Travel Agency. 

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