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How To Get A Passport


Step 1: Get a birth certificate (if you don't already have one). You can obtain one from The Department of Vital Records, online, or in person (fees apply). Birth announcements will not be accepted. It must be a certified copy with a raised seal.

Step 2: Take a passport photo at UPS, FEDEX, your local drugstore, or the Post Office. Don't bother trying to get all cute for your passport photo. They always come out looking like a mugshot anyway (don't debate me).

Step 3: Fill out a passport application. If you need help, the employees at the Post Office are equipped and they are more than willing to assist you with filing out your application. It's ok to ask for help‼️ Your passport application will be denied if it's not filled out correctly. Some Post Office locations want you to have an appointment to take a passport photo or to get help filing out your passport application, so check with your local branch.

Step 4: Mail your completed passport application. It should contain your original birth certificate (not a photocopy), your completed passport application, a money order for the passport processing fee, and your passport photo. Don't forget to sign it‼️

Please note: The average time for a passport to be processed is 6-8 weeks (I received my passport in two weeks). This time can vary depending on how backed up the State Department is. Your passport will arrive in a large envelope similar to the ones you see at the Post Office. Your birth certificate will arrive in a separate Manila envelope usually about a week after your passport arrives.

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