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7 Dog Friendly Properties That Will Pamper Your Pet

If you hate going on vacation without your four-legged friend then you're in luck. Hotels have been rolling out the red carpet and offering pet amenities (or the “Ulta-Mutt Vacation” as Virgin Hotels puts it) like dog massages, plush bedding, cashmere sweaters and dog-walking services. This comes as no surprise considering 45 percent of American households now have a pet dog, versus 38 percent in 2016, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Here are a few pet-friendly properties and some of the amenities they offer:

  • special room-service menu for dogs and cats

  • 25-minute Pawroma Therapy in a private cabana on the beach

  • plush dog beds, dental treats and collapsible water bowls

  • luxury dog spa and complimentary Brush & Go service

  • pet-safe balloons, dog cupcakes and professional photographers for your pets’ social media accounts

  • private shopping consultation for dogs and a fitting at a luxury pet clothing store

  • "dog beer” made with water, bone broth, meat and herbs

If you're worried about leaving your pup in the cargo area of the plane, now you don't have to be. K9 Jets now offers pet-friendly flights out of New Jersey to Los Angeles, Paris and London on their private jets. Drinks and refreshments are complimentary, there are private terminals and no security lines and you're only required to arrive 60 minutes prior to departure. The best part is your dog doesn't have to be in a cage. They can relax in your lap or sit on the floor beside you (cats must be in a carrier). While they mostly cater to cats and dogs, other animals may be welcome in the future as long as they have the proper paperwork.

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